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Organizing to be Productive in the Office

Remove the chaos to make your office profitable

Efficiency is the key to the smooth, productive running of your business.
As You Wish Professional Organizers can help you:

· Clear the clutter
· Conquer your cash flow
· Tame your files
· Manage technology
· Plan for real life needs

With professional organizing assistance and coaching from our business liaison representative, you can work smarter, not harder. And you’ll have more time to focus on growing your business.

· Convert files from paper to soft-copy and store in your cloud
· ​Spend less -because you found it all in your office
· Learn about apps that can help you manage your financial life from anywhere.
· ​Create order of your bills & expenses

Specialized Organizing Packages
​Read below to get an idea of which package suits you best

The Basics

Regularly scheduled office time for pre-planned business activities such as data entry, digital file organization or actual paper organization. This is the perfect plan for a small business owner who doesn’t have enough extra work for an employee, but is really busy. Saving your business money in the long-run.

Private Office Assistant

What a great idea to have someone you can trust for several small jobs or one big project. Get your Employee documentation in order, plan an office move, re-design the office workflow or get professional assistance completing data sensitive projects

The Executive Associate

Help getting your business going, productivity juice or other technical stuff you just don’t have time to do. Such as human resource details, office management or a fresh look at the app & tools used by your business.
Contact Us to make your assessment appointment: 206-459-2955

​Fantastic results can be yours too! Make your home office work for you!

By bringing efficiency, knowledge and success to your business, you will work smarter not harder and enjoy your business.

One client said,
“You are my solution to any business problem I might invent. Thank You!”

Another client said, “Natasha, Thanks so much… The “to do lists” for me can become very detailed, but I find that I have become better at “stop doing” things that have a tendency not to be “valuable” for the amount of time and energy expended. More actions don’t always mean better results in the whole scheme of things. Thank you, B”

A past co-worker said, “Natasha immediately stepped up and went to work. I have to say I am absolutely impressed with the amount of work she has put into this project, as well as, the level of creativity she has personally come up with to streamline her process and mine.”

A previous manager said, “Natasha consistently seeks to improve processes or take on additional tasks for the betterment of the department.”
An organized office can have style and be productive

Office organizing is a process not a destination and as our life changes, our needs change.

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