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Office Packages

The Basics
Regularly scheduled office time for pre-planned business activities such as data entry, digital file organization or actual paper organization. This is the perfect plan for a small business owner who doesn’t have enough extra work for an employee, but is really busy. Saving your business money in the long-run.
Private Office Assistant
What a great idea to have someone you can trust for several small jobs or one big project. Get your Employee documentation in order, plan an office move, re-design the office workflow or get professional assistance completing data sensitive projects.
The Executive Assistant
Help getting your business going, productivity juice or other technical stuff you just don’t have time to do. Such as human resource details, office management or a fresh look at the app & tools used by your business.

Business Finance Packages

The Puppy Basics
Basic bookkeeping compliancy for the sole-proprietor on a tight budget. Be confident about the bottom line. Included: data entry, invoicing, making sure things add-up and provide end-of-the-year financial reports to the CPA.
K9 Special Award
This special package isn’t for just anyone. You are a busy business owner who needs to save time to focus on your goals. Get awarded that extra time with this package. It includes: the Basics plus the potential to get the most out of the cloud accounting software (Intuit Online), receive quarterly tax reports and peace of mind the books are clean.
Pedigree Awards
Get the best experience and always be sure your books are tight. This package goes beyond entry-level support and even middle of the road safety, never have to touch your accounting software or pay a bill again. This is a full service. Included activities are: the basics plus bill pay, quarterly state and federal taxes paid, payroll processing, quarterly reporting, regular review meetings, and tax review for accuracy.
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This page is being updated but we wanted to bring you what we have ready so far. Please contact us about services not included in these packages. These are only the basis for each individually created package. ​We realize each client is unique and each need will be different. ​We’d love to help you on the road to success!
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